Microsoft Silverlight to Support IronRuby aka Ruby Programming Language

It appears some breaking news came out that IronRuby was unveiled at MIX07. This means ruby support for SilverLight CTP. As shown an the article,

Meanwhile, the Microsoft Silverlight 1.1 CTP was disclosed, said to support JavaScript, C#, VB, Ruby, and Python.

The way the ruby support came about apparently was this:

Scope and Ruby on Rails - scope_out and more.

There are numerous advantages to learning about the scope plugins available today for ruby on rails development. They can make your code DRYer and more readable and actually save you quite a bit af actual code. As you'll see when visiting the links I am providing with this post, the plugin scope_out for example can provide you with additional methods.

His sites example shows doing:

RadRails moves to Aptana

I was hanging out in #radrails on IRC when Kyle Shank (lead developer of RadRails) came in the room and announced that RadRails will be moving over to the Aptana project. This will mean that developers will have the power of Aptana's HTML, JS and CSS editors along with the features they have already grown to love from RadRails such as templates, database view, code generators, rake tasks view, etc. This appears to be a win win situation. I would like to take this time to thank Kyle Shank and Matt Kent for getting RadRails to the point it is today.

Data Model Relationships Diagram

With the permission of the creator MBoffin we are sharing the Data Model relationships diagram he put together with suggestions on my part to help illustrate how rails defines relationships. Since the ActiveRecord layer is depending on you to make the correct relationship definitions, this diagram may be the answer.

Here is a resized version of the diagram and of course for the full version, click on the image or right click and save image as: Ruby on Rails Data Model

Capistrano for Deployment and Monitoring

Capistrano (in a previous life SwitchTower) is a gem created by Jamis Buck that allows for deployment, monitoring and capistrano gateway connectivity implementation for your rails applications to their respective web and database servers.

Hands down there is nothing on the open source market for Ruby on Rails that meets the rich feature set and cabaility that Capistrano displays.

Ruby Class extended for subclasses, remove_subclasses, remove_current_class, parts, class_exists

Here is a Class.rb extension that will make several enhancements to the already existing Class standard featureset available in ruby. This is provided for sharing here on Ruby on Rails Blog by Kirk Haines (wyhaines) and he is creditted with its creation. We hope it is of use to some of you (facets may have something similar by the way).

Disabled Submit Buttons Ignored by Browsers or Rails?

If you have ever played around with disabling a submit button in Ruby on Rails using :disable_with on a submit_tag, you may have wondered if that tag is being serialized correctly so that you could actually identify it as having been the button that was submitted and disabled. The end goal of serializing would be to allow the server to correctly determine which button was pressed if you have more than one. Normally you can simply look in the parameter hash for params[:start] to see of the start buttaon was pressed.

Sanitize HTML to prevent XSS and page malformatting attacks

The credit for this ruby procedure must be given to Dwight Shih & Brad Choate.

The usefulness of this type of an action cannot be overemphasized. You can essentially use it to define the specific tags that you want to insure are not malformed and abused maliciously. Feel free to test it and share any suggestions.