Meet Rubyroid Labs — Ruby on Rails Development Company

Greetings! We are Rubyroid Labs — a full-cycle Ruby on Rails development company located in Minsk, Belarus. Our staff count reaches 50 dedicated, highly competent RoR engineers gathered at one place and ready to tackle any challenge, be it a custom CRM development, building new features on top of ready-made solutions, or consulting clients on promoting their business online via RoR technology. Since 2013 we have managed over 150 projects for both little startups and respected blue-chip companies. In this article we would like to introduce ourselves to our potential customers, tell more about services we provide and review current software market situation in general.

Our Expertise

We specialize in several directions. First of all, we can build a custom product for your business project from scratch. Given full technical specifications or without them, we can look into your idea and offer an appropriate solution. We will evaluate the costs, then prepare all the technical documentation and craft a minimum viable product. After you validate the idea in the field and receive first feedback from your customers, we will add new and adjust existing features, fitting your audience, update the software, maintain it and, finally, scale your product when you face increasing demand for it. Having had fruitful cooperation with over 30 startups worldwide, we became fully convinced that business-oriented programming using Agile practices paired with the highest technical expertise form the backbone of the perfect outsourcing company. Every member of the team at every level tries to understand client’s needs and urges; such environment forms the emotional bond with the project and enables creative idea sharing. That proved to be very healthy for business.

Along with that, you can hire Rubyroid Labs for an existing project. We guarantee smooth transition from your previous vendor or, if you need to strengthen your lead developer with a number of full-stack RoR programmers, we will provide seamless onboarding of our crew into your workflow. We provide refactoring, can fix bugs and find bottlenecks in the legacy code, develop APIs for the software. We can build on top of RoR-based platforms, introduce new features on the go and give a comprehensive analysis of the codebase.

We also provide consulting services. Taking into consideration your needs and goals, Rubyroid Labs will help you with optimizing your business idea, scaling your product, developing future strategy, setting priorities, enhancing your workflow, and so on.

Our Team

Since the early days of our company we felt passionate about RoR framework and our passion lasts to this day. We have meticulously chosen every member of our team, so it’s safe to say it consists of top-rate experts of the industry. They are supported by talented project managers, who are in charge of project’s tracking and full transparency. If you need one dedicated programmer or search for a whole team of engineers for your outsourcing project, we can handle your request. 
We regularly run conferences for the RoR community, provide education for our employees, run podcasts, write a blog on our site. We have trained over 1500 RoR development students over the past six years. We strongly believe that the key to a successful project is direct and open communication between all participants, so our coders take English lessons to better understand our clients.
Our team is flexible, too. We can adjust to your working hours, no matter which part of the world your company is situated in; that means one less outsourcing headache.

Our Rates

Rates depend on the present status of the development. If you have all the technical documentation regarding your future or existing product, we can calculate the quantity of working hours required for the task and give you a fixed price for it.
If your project is in the ‘ideas stage’ or you want full engagement from a team of RoR experts, the price will likely change during the development process, as new ideas and pivots will inevitably appear on the way. In that case you will be charged for the working hours spent on your project. Drop us a line, and get a quote in 3 business days.

Our Projects

For years of productive work, we’ve had the honor to work with dozens of successful companies, like Volvo, Gazprom, Toyota, BePaid, Mastercard. Our customer projects have been featured on Forbes, TechCrunch, Vogue and more. We built CRMs for real estate, created applications for music festivals and wrote backends for marketplace platforms, optimized websites for publishing houses and created e-commerce messaging solutions. We received consistently good reviews on Clutch, B2B ratings and reviews guide, and we are happy that our work and our enthusiasm about RoR technology is so highly appreciated. We are obsessed with Ruby on Rails, and we are good at it.

Outsourcing a project to a remote team can turn to a total disaster for a businessman. IT market is overflooded with young development companies from around the world with very low prices and questionable competence. As it’s one of the most important decisions for the business, the question of outsourcing needs one’s thorough, scrupulous attention. So, we would advise to take one’s time, calculate, study the market, read reviews and hire the best people for the task. By ‘the best people’ we mean us, naturally.