Mongrel Rails "Application Error". Reaping threads. The Fix and a Hack.

Part of my reason for writing this is due to the frustration of having come on early this morning to find so many of our readers having sent e-mails telling me there was "Application errors" on the front-page of the site! The other part of my reason is to help people with similar situations work-around it. Some of you who use mongrel may have found that it's ease of use and setup far exceed its counterparts (lighttpd and apache), especially for rails applications. However, some of you may have also noticed a bumpy road when it comes to Applications errors.

Aptana - Javascript and Html CodeAssisting IDE

While it still remains a challenge to sway Textmate users to use anything besides Textmate, I must still announce my personal satisfaction w/ Aptana Beta for developing Javascript, HTML and CSS pages. Aptana is new, but has a team of developers working around the clock on its development. Some of the highlights found in using Aptana are CodeAssist and outlines of your source code document. It creates an extremely easy to use, visual outline that allows you to navigate the document based on tags.

Top 10 Ruby on Rails Jobs Websites

Finding a job programming ruby shouldn’t be hard!

That is, if you know how to code ruby, are willing to dip your hands into rails from time to time, have some faith in yourself.. Oh, and send your application to one of the many opportunities presenting themself for Ruby programmers from the list I provide in this article!

The Tesla Testament - Book Review

I’m diverting from the main topic this blog usually focusses on (Ruby on Rails) to plug Ruby and Java Developer Eugene Ciurana’s upcoming book, The Tesla Testament.

Many books are described as being as exciting as rollercoasters, akin to rockets taking off or to witnessing a solar eclipse for the first time. Unfortunately, none of those descriptions do The Tesla Testament and its thrilling adventure justice.

Aggregating RoR blog to another blog...

I just found through a Google search today that john wang from is aggregating all of the blog posts written here to his own blog, which is a collaboration of mvc and rails related blogs. These aggregating blogs seem to be popular these days and i've seen a few popping up all over as of late! John's is different from who allows you to submit your site to their aggregators and displays the more recently updated pages, a concept that I think is a bit more forthright.

Upgrade Alert: RoR 1.1.6 and Typo Blog 4.0.2

Security Warning: Ruby on Rails 1.1.5 only fixes part of the security hole. In order to have a secure version of rails, you'll want to upgrade to 1.1.6 today. If however you cannot upgrade, the previous versions of rails have been backdated with the patch so you'll need to run diff to fix your site. Backwards compatability seems to be a major issue many are complaining about currently in the Rails world. With 1.2 nearly approaching, many people are both anxious and worried that their sites will not work with the new changes coming.

Crunchboard - Jobs for Rails Developers

For those of you looking to become the next VP of a Ruby on Rails company, or just in search of more job sites, take a look at Crunchboard. Brought about by the popular blog master from techcrunch, Crunchboard offers another site for job listings to the many already out there. To show off a few of the listings there currently, check these out: 11-Aug Ruby on Rails Developer at [stealth] in San Francisco, CA
10-Aug VP Software Engineering at PICZO INC. in San Francisco

Ruby on Rails Blog Busts a Move!

Wow, does the world of technology ever change quickly! It was just a few months ago that we had this blog officially rolling and before I could spell AJAX I found myself in a whirlwind frenzy of projects and activities that spun chaotically into a spiderweb of busyness. Although there's quite a few things I never got around to doing here on the blog in the last month and a half, let's talk about what has been happening. The blog got a facelift, although most of it is invisible. Our theme is now Typo 4.0 compatable, and while i'm mentioning it, we upgraded from Typo 2.5 to 4.0.