On the new database and dates are historic!

Since the posts prior to our migration to MySQL are all from the past, we hope nobody minds that their creation dates have all magically transformed into August 26th! We could correct this, but I don't think it should affect anything critical and will only take away from our ability to focus on some of the excellent content we're putting into upcoming posts! Thank you for bearing with us through the insane upgrade and we look forward to a stable future here on Ruby on Rails blog =)

RoR Blog updated to MySQL

As Ben stated in a previous article, we were faced with upgrading from SQLITE to another db as our blog was getting so many hits per day that we were having concurrency problems with SQLITE which resulted in our blog frequently borking and just lying on the floor waiting for us to pick it up (i.e. restart). This is not a bad thing, but it did cause a little bit of heartache, albeit minimal.

We're back and running!

Now that the Rails blog is back up, let me explain what happened. We upgraded our kernel and then upgraded Fedora from FC4 to FC5 on one of our servers, our other being Ubuntu. On both servers, we upgraded apache to apache 2.2 with mod_proxy_balance so that we could accomplish Load Balancing for our mongrel cluster setup for our rails apps (no more "Application errors") we hope, and well.. Upgrading Fedora broke quite a few system components and the mail server, so that had to be repaired also.. All of this in light of working full-time schedules during the day!

Typo Migration from SQLITE

Well with all the changes in the blog, it's also time that we expand to a more robust database. We're evaluating our next move since with the boost in traffic we've been experiencing here, we need a database that can handle the increase in concurrent requests. Feel free to offer your suggestions!

acts_as_preferenced - For Community Sites Preference Options

Soon you'll hear the announcement that acts_as_preference is ready for download here at Ruby on Rails blog. I wanted to share a preview of the concept and hear any feedback. The current system under development is by Skiz (freenode).

What is it?

In short, acts_as_preferenced is a dynamic preference system that will be easily extendable to add alternate preferences tailored for your systems needs. It would allow for you to only need to add anything to a single table and have as many class/models with preferences as you wish.

Multiple Typo Blogs on a Single Install

Tutorial Explanation

This tutorial is a reformatted version that I have taken the time to fix any errors I spotted from the version on the Typo trac site. I cannot guarantee it will work and this remains to be seen if it will. This is a proof of concept and should be tested with a dummy site before you attempt any production level deployments using these methods.

You need a Virtual Host or Server that supports wildcards.

In Apache config file it will look like this:

OT: Unlimited Renewable Energy through Magnetic Field Interactions

This is not a Ruby on Rails topic, however it is related to cool technological advances. I found this fascinating and if it is indeed proven to be correct, it will change the worlds engineering production of energy sources. Enjoy. A man who claims to have developed a free energy technology which could power everything from mobile phones to cars has received more than 400 applications from scientists to test it.

Ajax Scaffold and Streamlined are Teaming up!

It's about time Ruby on Rails CMS Devs Teamed Up...

I could not be happier to announce that the Streamlined team is going to be integrating Ajax scaffold (a great system I might add) into their ongoing streamlined project. This is really amazing news for those interested in quick rapid application development for their rails deployed apps. I'll be following this post up with another about content management systems currently available today for ruby on rails but I wanted to proceed that with this newsworthy post! Hoorah!

Feedburner for Ruby on Rails Blog

We now use FeedBurner!

After some friends insisted that we catch up with the times, we finally migrated to FeedBurner for our Ruby on Rails RSS feed. It is likely that many of you will probably be happy that we have done this as it seems FeedBurner makes it easy to get your latest feed information.
You can of course continue using other tools as well, this is not proprietary but it is encouraged. If you haven't checked out FeedBurner yet, it's an excellent service so give it a shot, we think you'll like it.