Getting rid of notextile elements in Typo

This is actually a Redcloth issue. I'm not really sure why non standard elements such as notextile were spread throughout typo's blogware to begin with but they were wreaking havoc on my w3 validation so I had to get rid of them.

Getting rid of them

The ruby way of doing this:

gsub!('\/?notextile>', '')

And for cryptic comparison, let's show perl:

find . -iname "*" -exec perl -pi -e 's/<\/?notextile>//ig;' '{}' \;

How about sed:

find /path -exec sed -ir 's/<\/*notextile>//g' {} \;


Tesly - A Reporting Plugin for Rails

Testing is a habit all good developers should have!

If you were to have asked me six months ago how much Test driven development I was doing when building rails applications, I would have probably said very little. These days, I find myself using tests in almost every application I build and logic I write for my rails coded apps. That is why I wanted to share a new tool I stumbled upon that simplifies documenting tests.

Joining the Ruby on Rails Community is Easy!

Ruby on Rails is a Community of Developers

The Importance of Community

It is important to recognize the value of a community when you take on the challenge of learning a new skill or trade. Carpenters have unions. Nurses have unions. Lawyers have.. well, lawyers, they don't have anything.. But web-developers, we have communities! The Rails Community from my experience is broken up in three parts, all equally valuable to learn about and become immersed in if you are looking for support.

Rails Blog Makes Several CSS Theme Stylesheet Changes

I'll say this much.. A few hours plugging away at CSS can go a long way for improving readability and ease of "surfing" a blog. I hope the readers here agree that the modifications made are improvements.

Using header tags appropriately

Previously, I'd been carelessly mixing H2 and H3 tags throughout the blog articles. I realized that this caused a lot of eye-sores and also, the h2 and h3 css settings were pretty poor to begin with! I spent time with trial and error working to make h2 a bit larger and stand out more and h3 easier to read..

Ruby on Rails Database Backups and Exports

This article will explain how to backup your database the "Rails way" and explain how to create backup scripts for doing routine backups via crontab.

For different versions of MySQL

If you're moving between different versions of MySQL, set the schema dump format to :sql in config/environment.rb.
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Preventing Comment Spam on Your Blogs: Askimet

We were getting tons of comment spam!

Our blog once it got indexed by the search engines started receiving tons of comment spam in recent months. This is one of the major reasons we went through so many hurdles to get it to where it is today! First, our problem was with Tpo 2.6 so we upgraded our servers o/s and installed typo 4.0.3.