Installing Ruby, Ruby on Rails, MySQL and Rmagick on Windows

Installing Ruby Language Support

  1. Install Ruby using the Ruby one click installer -

As of the writing of this article, 1.8.5-21 is the latest version. There have been problems reported in using ruby 1.8.5-21 with the latest versions of edge rails. I can safely say that using 1.8.4-20 which is also available for download will be your best bet.

RailsConf Europe 2006 - Details: Speakers, Events - September 14, 15

Well, if you are a true rails fanatic, you've already heard about and possibly signed up to attend this upcoming conference for Ruby on Rails. It will be held London, England of all places! Ironic yet uncoincidental, not too long ago the kid famous forthe Million Dollar Home Page concept was asking on his blog for Ruby on Rails experts to apply for his next project. Let's do a quick summary of the conference details:

Checking your XHTML Transitional and CSS Validity

Well, a few behind the scenes clutter-removals and broken markup fixes have restored this rails blog to being XHTML valid and CSS valid. If you don't currently have a blog or a website but are looking to build one, I highly recommend checking out this amazing reference for CSS specifications. This will save you worlds of hurt later and can also teach you some pretty amazing styling techniques to make your website really rock the web 2.0 landscape!

Locking Tables with Rails ActiveRecord

If you wanted to lock a table for writes using ActiveRecord (this may come in handy for other things as well), it is possible. You can do so by accessing the connection.execute method available to the model itself.

Here's an example of Model.connection.execute

Model.connection.execute( "LOCK TABLES #{Model.table_name} WRITE" )
Model.connection.execute( "UNLOCK TABLES" )

However, there is a better way recommended (updated from comments) which is to make the actual models methods like this:

Unobtrusive Javascript for Ruby On Rails Plugin!

Rails is a great framework, especially for writing AJAX applications, but the Javascript that the built-in Rails helpers output is a pain in the ass for many. Unobtrusive Javascript for Rails aims to change that.

What can you do with the UJS for Rails Plugin?

Define your page behaviours using CSS-style selectors and Ruby

UJS for Rails makes it easy to apply

Mephisto CMS Immortus (0.6) Released!

Mephisto is a CMS engine written using Ruby on Rails and discussed initially on this site in the Top 20 CMS for Ruby on Rails Article found here. The newest version has been released yesterday and many people are very excited about it as it adds yet another Rails application to the ever-expanding list. Some quick Mephisto features:

Fixing typo 4.0.3 notextile element validation errors

I said in a previous article that Typo inserts notextile element tags into your articles wherever you choose to use the typo_code element tags to create ruby code blocks. My solution showed how to remove the tags after they'd been written but did not address the fact that if you wanted to be rid of them prior to them being written you'd need to hack typo's source code. Remove the notextile references from the two lines in question, 40 and 41 found here:

Ruby Sets Look Alike

Here's a small example of ruby sets that I picked up. Fun but actually useful if abstracted for other applications. One thing to note, it only contains half the alphabet so you'll only be able to create cases with the letters provided. Do yourself a favour and have some fun filling out the rest of the letters. Then you can talk in l33t c0d3 with your friends.